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Thumbnail image that links to Sandy Springs website

sandy springs mission

The objective of the Sandy Springs Mission is to provide educational support programs to needy children in several of it's neighboring communities. The somewhat conservative design is meant to convey the seriousness of the mission's work, while the color palette and imagery suggest the vibrance of the children.

Thumbnail image that links to website


Environmental Community Action, Inc. was interested in updating their website to present themselves with a more professional look. Besides designing and developing the site, I was also tasked with refreshing their existing logo and establishing a brand style guide.

Thumbnail image that links to galapagos website

galapagos islands

This is an informational site on the subject of the islands made famous by Charles Darwin. The use of polaroid style imagery is used to convey the popularity of the islands by vacationers and naturalists. The photography used on each page corresponds to that section – animals on the wildlife page, etc.

css design

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Thumbnail of CSS exercise - Gutenberg's Bible

gutenberg's bible

CSS Zen Garden is a popular web development project designed to challenge a web designer's creative talents and web development skills. I selected Gutenberg's bible as my first subject to convey the enormous advances in the technology of communication since the development of the first major book printed with movable type.

Thumbnail of CSS exercise - Sinister Poker Game

mondrian inspired

This design was influenced by the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, whose works often consisted of a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors. Throughout this design I used the golden ratio, a mathematical formula often used by artists and architects that has been shown to create a pleasing, harmonious effect.

Thumbnail of CSS exercise - Sinister Poker Game

sinister poker

This design employs images of cards and skeletons to convey a dark and dangerous poker game. The red and black color pallette and collection of images of death themed cards support the eerie feel, as does the faint use of cards in the background falling through air.

website redesigns

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Pet Sitters Site Redesign Thumbnail 1

sit-n-stay design 1

The goal here was to redesign the Home Page of a local small business. I selected Sit-n-Stay Pet Sitters because I am familiar with their business and feel that their site could use an update. I was able to achieve a more professional look by eliminating unnecessary design elements. Using a limited color palette enabled me to emphasize the cat and dog in the image.

Pet Sitters Site Redesign Thumbnail 2

sit-n-stay design 2

In the second redesign of this site I utilized a similarly clean layout. This time I chose cute images to convey a happier, less formal look. My thought was to use the same pets in different poses on each internal page. The use of natural colors were selected because of their warm, welcoming feeling, and that a pet owner would associate with their pets.

Tribune Redesign Exercise

tribune & georgian online

The challenge for this exercise was to improve upon the design of an existing small online newspaper. I chose to build the site upon a twelve column grid, this allowed an improved reorganization of content, but also permitted a fair amount of flexibility in the grouping of content. Color and placement were used for content emphasis. The result is a more intuitive, easier to navigate design.


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Image of Packaging Samples

retail packaging

I have had many roles in print development throughout my career. These responsibilities have included orchestrating several successful packaging lines. I have proven an ability to conceptualize and design in 3D, as well as manage and direct large photo-shoots.


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Thumbnail of BeaconDance

beacon dance

I was a member of the team that developed this site. The project was a total redesign of an existing site and my primary role was UX/IA. Working together with a team of developers, designers and project managers was a great experience and helped me understand the collaborative effort needed to bring about a successful site.